Why Living in an Old House Can Be a Beautiful Dream

I just bought a 50-year-old home in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Sure, it was not much to look at in the beginning. Its light blue paint was all chipped; the stairs needed mending, same with the balusters. Moreover, my God, the roof was an entirely different story altogether. I will not even tell you how much I spent to have that cute house fixed and repaired adequately but let’s face it when you fall in love with a home there are great lengths you will go to to see it restored.

My husband, kids and I were staying at a hotel by the bay. While my husband was at a conference and my kids, were occupied at the pool, I had all the time necessary to scout out the territory. I could eat, shop or whatever and just kill time till he was at the conference.

We only got to see him for dinner, AFTER he had dinner with his colleagues. Wives and kids had to occupy themselves as they were not included in the activities.  Sure, we could join our husbands in-between the conference, but suburban Chicago just has too much to offer. This was when I discovered that quaint house that stole my heart.

A light blue beauty with white balusters, semi-Victorian style, two-stories, a short walk from downtonwn, and with pretty trees around it. I know, I know. I ignored the peeling paint, the fallen balusters, the leaks everywhere, and the roof about to fall apart. However, you know what? Between you and me, I got a pretty good price for it.

My husband says I am a good negotiator. He thinks maybe I can take his place at work. I can be like a torpedo when I am on to something. Pretty much like how I approached the purchase of this house with tunnel vision and a budget.

I could not sleep that first night I saw it.  My husband noticed my restlessness. Of course, I spilled the beans. “I found a house!”

Still muddle-headed as he was just catching up on sleep, I proceeded to share my new discovery until he felt waking up would be a good idea as he saw the glitter and excitement in my eyes.

Long story short, we bought the house, had it redone, roof, balusters, stairs, painting, plumbing, etc… Old houses mean lots of wear and tear over the years. I had to have the plumbing and HVAC done to my taste as I wanted my husband and kids to be really comfortable in our home. I am not keen on clogged pipes, sinks, drains, backflows, and such.  

Took care of that. And now?  Well, now, I am queen of this pretty home where I believe I will stay forever.   

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